Aberdeen may now be Scotland’s Start-Up capital

Aberdeen may now be Scotland’s start-up capital but there is more work ahead to build Britain’s brightest Innovation Hub, says Aberdeen City Council Leader Jenny Laing.

Aberdeen is now officially the start-up capital of Scotland with almost 1,300 new enterprises growing out of the North-east in the past year alone.

Interestingly, more than half of these new businesses have been started by women and the wide range of sectors that they cover, shows that diversification is alive and well in this part of the country.

Aberdeen also produces more patents than anywhere else in Scotland.

Something else we should be hugely proud of.

The Elevator group, which delivers Aberdeen City Council’s Business Gateway programme, should be congratulated for helping get these hundreds of new businesses off the ground.

And we should also pay tribute to the work they do with our schools in the city, helping create a culture of enterprise among our children, through a wide range of innovative programmes.

Having the means to connect business and education is crucial and schemes like Enterprising Academies, a competition which will provide one lucky start-up with free business premises at Northfield Academy for one year, is another great example of the innovative ways we are providing support for entrepreneurs in the area.

Next week (April 18) will see the launch of North East Business Week – a four day summit where thought leaders from the world of business will converge on Aberdeen for a series of programmes, seminars and other events to drive the idea of enterprise in the region.

Last week, Aberdeen City Council also announced a new £750,000 innovation fund which will provide redundant oil workers who want to get their new business ideas up and running, the financial support to get to the next level.

One leading business boss told me recently that Aberdonians make fantastic “deal makers”. With so much entrepreneurial activity going on in the North-east there is much to be excited about.

As an organisation, Aberdeen City Council will continue to do everything in our power to support entrepreneurs. We want to promote enterprise in our schools and wider society to help a whole new generation of ‘deal makers’ succeed and, in the process, establish Aberdeen as one of Britain’s best and brightest innovation hubs.