What a line-up at this year’s International Youth Festival

The 2016 International Youth Festival has started and what an amazing line-up there is on offer.

There really is something for everyone with theatre, dance, opera and contemporary, jazz, classical and traditional music and the best feature about the festival is of course the youngsters taking part.

Their enthusiasm and love for their art form is infectious in itself and the amount of talent is there for all to see. The performances are of an extremely high standard as each of the groups put in hours and hours of rehearsals as coming to Aberdeen and taking part in the festival is considered to be a major compliment.

Part of the festival’s success over the years has been bringing all of these young people together from all around the world, with participants this year from Jordan, Italy, the USA and Norway. They will not only have the pleasure of performing in front of audiences, but will form friendships over a shared love their art form. They also get a taste themselves of all the culture that’s on offer in Aberdeen, and can also see some of our beautiful city, with its historic granite buildings and long golden beach, while they’re here.

The festival has hosted more than 30,000 young people since its start in in 1973 and is regarded as one of the best in the world for young people. It not only showcases their talents in performances but also furthers their ambition, dedication and enjoyment for their art by holding summer education courses including the Dance Lab and the Traditional Music School where they can learn from professional tutors. They can also learn from each other, and get to experience and watch other types of music, dance or performance that they might not have seen before.

Our schools across the city encourage active participation in performing arts and thousands of pupils have taken part in the AIYF over the years including of course this year’s event.

There will be about 500 performers taking part in the festival in Aberdeen, along with events in Aberdeenshire and Moray.

One of the best ways of finding out what’s on offer is to go along to the Festival In The City tomorrow, when various artists perform at venues around Aberdeen – it gives a great flavour to the different shows on offer.

I’d heartedly recommend finding out what’s on in the 2016 event, which runs until 6 August, through the Aberdeen International Youth Festival  website.