Union Terrace Gardens plans take important step forward

As I write, work is taking place on proposals for enhancing the wonderful green oasis that is Union Terrace Gardens (UTG).

The revitalisation is being led by the team at LDA Design, who will be sharing their vision with the public for comment during a major engagement exercise next month. I hope you share my excitement about what December will bring in relation to this City Centre Masterplan project.

LDA Design has been tasked with improving access, amenity and activity while conserving UTG’s rich heritage – exactly what residents asked for during a consultation on the Masterplan itself.

We have an opportunity before us to transform UTG by meeting modern expectations around usage and inclusiveness.  In LDA we have a team with the necessary experience and talent to deliver.

We are confident too that they will respect the unique character of the Gardens. The firm’s award-winning work across the UK and further afield has combined innovative design with a deep understanding of landscape heritage – a passion for place, if you want – and LDA is ideally equipped to take this project forward.


The proposals promise to be both bold and sympathetic; to offer something for everyone.

Of course we already have a blueprint in the form of the Masterplan, which won unanimous political support and the backing of the public and business community.

The Masterplan offers a range of potential options for UTG and LDA has been working hard to develop the concepts, striving for a complementary mix of enhancements.

LDA will run a public engagement exercise from December 2-9 (details will be publicised soon) and the proposals will be on display in the city centre .

I would urge you find time to study the drawings and the thinking behind them, and in turn to share your own views on the proposals and how they might be refined.

The Masterplan belongs to the city in the widest sense and your feedback will be used to help hone the detailed designs that will be brought before the Council in Spring for consideration.

A sense of momentum is gathering around the Masterplan and the focus on UTG has the potential to unite and galvanise our city. By working together we can further reinvigorate our already great city.

Union Terrace Gardens represents a glorious gift from the past – and in turn can be our gift to future generations. It is ours to nurture.

13/07/10 Union Terrace Gardens