Giving a voice to Council’s valued staff

I have written before about the importance of engagement with the communities we serve, encouraging people to take the opportunity to be at the heart of decisions in the areas that matter most to them.

Our events in Northfield, Torry and Seaton in recent months were very well received and have provided vital feedback as we plan for a brighter future for all.

Those same principles apply to the Aberdeen City Council community – the 8,500 employees who are at the centre of the services we deliver and the work we do.

In the final quarter of 2016 the Council’s management team undertook a significant exercise as the Employee Opinion Survey was opened to all of those working across the many bases throughout the city.

From the headquarters at Marischal College and the Town House through to schools, community facilities, depots and everywhere in between the call went out from the chief executive and management team for staff to make their voice heard and the response was very encouraging – with thousands taking the opportunity to have their say.

The feedback and engagement has been very positive, with improvements in key areas since the last survey in 2014, but as always there are areas in which the organisation can do better. This is for the management team to take forward, but elected members have a role in supporting those aims.

I thank all who took the time to play a part in what is a very important strand of the Council’s efforts to continue to improve the way the organisation works. The results have been shared with staff this week with the promise from the chief executive that the results will be acted upon to ensure we continue to evolve as an employer.

For those who are not employed by Aberdeen City Council, there is still a good reason to be aware of the work being undertaken with the survey.

By listening to our valued staff and using their experiences to shape the way forward it will not only make Aberdeen City Council a better place to work but also ensure the experience for residents is as good as it possibly can be.

As an organisation we’re very conscious of the impact our employees have on day to day life in Aberdeen. Decision making on policy and procedures provides the framework, but it is up to talented and committed individuals to ultimately deliver.

Aberdeen City Council recognises the importance of having an engaged workforce and this year’s survey will provide a good indication of what works well and the areas that can be improved. Now results have been collated and shared with staff, they can be acted upon.

The most important message is that the management team is prepared to listen to what it is being told and to use that feedback in a positive way for all with a stake in Aberdeen’s future.

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