Aberdeen’s support for London

We have all been touched by the horrific events in London and on behalf of Aberdeen City Council I wish to express our support for all those who have been affected and condolences to those who suffered from the loss or injury of loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Wednesday’s attack at Westminster was a stark reminder of the threat which exists and the tragic, abhorrent consequences of terrorism.

The response to the London attack also served to remind us, if that was required, of the courage of those who serve in our emergency services as well as highlighting that shown by members of the public and parliament who lent their support.

PC Keith Palmer died selflessly protecting others and the heartfelt tributes to his dedication, professionalism and bravery from those who know him best tell their own story.

Every day in many different parts of the country members of our emergency services, armed forces and security services put their own lives on the line. We all owe a massive debt of gratitude for the way in which they walk into the face of danger.

As leader of Aberdeen City Council I have seen at close quarters the resilience demonstrated by those who devote their lives to protecting others. It is humbling.

The heroic actions of PC Palmer in tackling the perpetrator will never be forgotten and we are seeing all sections of society unite in shock and grief.

That community spirit is vital if we are to continue to fight against terrorism and we all have a role to play in remaining vigilant and alerting authorities to anything which may help in the efforts to keep the country safe.