Our condolences to the people of Manchester

This morning the Lord Provost of Aberdeen has sent an official message of condolence to the Lord Mayor of Manchester on behalf of the city.

Although words cannot come close to expressing the sadness the terrible events of yesterday evening have caused throughout the country and beyond, it is important we show solidarity in every way we can. Tonight Marischal College will be lit red, white and blue as a visual display of our support.

Aberdeen and Manchester may be separated by many miles, but in the face of a tragedy on this scale it is impossible not to be moved by what the people of the city are facing up to today. In truth, for everyone the reality of this abhorrent attack is still sinking in.

As individuals we have all experienced the joy that concerts and events bring. As a city, we continue to host events that bring all communities together to celebrate the arts, sport and much more. What is difficult for anyone to comprehend is the terror those caught up in last night’s atrocity must have felt and my heartfelt sympathy goes to all those affected.

Just as the Westminster attack underlined earlier this year, the need for vigilance is clear. Once again I would emphasise the role each and every one of us has in being alert to the threats which exist and ensuring we pass any concerns we have to the police.

Organisations such as Aberdeen City Council and our resilience partners have a vital role to play in leading from a regional perspective, both in terms of preparedness and prevention as well as being ready to respond if required. We hope that day never comes.

For now the focus across Britain is on Manchester and in coming together to do whatever can be done to support the people of the city in the darkest of times.