A time to show support

Once would be too often to be sending a message of sympathy to a city suffering the pain and shock inflicted by a terrorist attack. Quite clearly we would all hope events of this nature simply did not happen.

I find myself expressing condolences on behalf of Aberdeen for a third time in as many months following the weekend atrocities in London, the Manchester attack on 22 May and Westminster tragedy in March.

The sentiment remains the same: the people of Aberdeen stand side by side with all those united against these horrific acts.

The pain, disbelief and sadness only increase with every needless death which we are faced with.

In these dark days there have been shining lights in terms of the heroism and bravery as well as kindness and compassion shown not only by our emergency services but also by members of the public who have rallied in times of crisis.

It is clear there is a great deal of thinking to be done as we seek to deal with the very real threat terrorism poses in Britain.

More immediately the focus is on helping London to come through the aftermath and ensuring those affected are supported.

On behalf of Aberdeen I send condolences to a city which means so much to so many people in our own corner of the country.