Putting community planning at the heart of the city’s future

26/11/14 Councillor jenny laing.

Cllr Jenny Laing

As chair of Community Planning Aberdeen, I was proud to sign-off of the annual report detailing the progress on our Local Outcome Improvement Plan.

The LOIP is a 10-year plan created with our valued partners – including Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and NHS Grampian as well as range of other organisations – with the aim of ensuring Aberdeen’s communities prosper.

We’re committed to protecting individuals from harm and providing opportunities for all. To do that it is recognised there has to be innovation and there has to be a joined-up approach.

The annual report highlights the achievements of the past year and the plans moving forward. This is a long term vision, but it is heartening to see the strides that are being made.

It is also a collaborative vision, binding us together with our partners and enabling all those with shared ambitions to work to the same set of objectives. There is a real team ethic and it has been a privilege to have been part of Community Planning Aberdeen’s evolution, with so much energy coming from all sides of the table.

CPA - Annual report

I’m full of optimism about what we can achieve as the LOIP develops and is implemented.

Examples of the action being taken, for example around household food insecurity, have been demonstrated. Aberdeen City Council is working with community groups to roll-out the provision of free meals for school children during holidays after a successful pilot, just one of a number of initiatives that will make a positive impact in this challenging area.

The role of communities in all of the LOIP’s aims cannot be stressed enough. This is not about imposing our vision – it is about working with communities to understand their needs and aspirations and also working with those same communities and the various groups within them to deliver.

As a Council we often reiterate that we cannot work alone, we are grateful for the contributions of all of our partners – and there is no more important partner than the individuals, groups and organisations we work on behalf of every day.

The annual report is available online and it gives an excellent outline of the LOIP and the way it will shape the future of our city. I look forward to more progress in the year ahead.

Cllr Jenny Laing