Nuart Aberdeen paints a perfect picture of a flourishing events programme


LUMSDEN- Douglas

Cllr Douglas Lumsden

Launch week for Nuart Aberdeen has brought a flurry of activity and it has been fantastic to see this year’s productions springing up around the city.

Nuart captured the imagination of the public last year and 2018 promises to be even bigger and better as the event builds on such solid foundations.

Running through until Sunday, there’s a varied programme offering something for everyone and it is great to see Aberdeen residents being joined by visitors from far and near on the city’s streets.

Nuart Aberdeen’s reputation is growing not only locally but throughout Britain and overseas thanks to the positivity surrounding the 2017 event and the anticipation of a new wave of artwork to enjoy this year.

There was a real buzz as the first glimpses were seen in recent days and it’s great to see it all come together for this weekend.

Delivered by our partners Aberdeen Inspired, the Council is proud to support Nuart Aberdeen with £300,000 of funding over three years. We have already seen the value it brings and look forward to continuing to see the audience grow and evolve.

My Co-Leader Jenny Laing underlined the Council’s commitment at Thursday’s media and partner launch and I’m looking forward to playing my part in the public launch on Saturday (April 14) from noon at the Green. 

Nuart is an important strand of the bigger picture being painted of a vibrant, diverse, forward thinking city with a warm welcome. A place that is waiting to be explored.

The build-up to this year’s Tour Series cycling event in May is continuing and the plans for the Great Aberdeen Run are well underway as the countdown to August continues. All of this follows on from the great support for the Christmas Village and SPECTRA, which were major draws over the winter.

These are just some of the highlights in a growing programme that offers everyone in Aberdeen the chance to join or enjoy – and something we should all be proud of.

Aberdeen has been a world renowned city for decades from a business perspective, by virtue of the prominence in the oil and gas sector, but now is truly becoming a global city from a visitor viewpoint.

Every event and every attraction is another step towards realising the potential of Aberdeen as a destination, something which is central to the regional economic strategy. More than £500,000 is being invested over the coming year by the Council in our Aberdeen 365 events strategy.

The blueprint supports the cultural needs of the city but also the business needs, with increased footfall and the required support to host these major events helping to boost local companies across a variety of sectors.

That’s the serious long-term message behind the colour and creativity Nuart Aberdeen brings.

For now, I’d invite everyone to savour all the programme has to offer in in the days ahead as the city centre once again provides the perfect canvas for an exceptional event.

Cllr Douglas Lumsden