An opportunity to take stock of community planning progress

26/11/14 Councillor jenny laing.

Cllr Jenny Laing


The continued success of Community Planning Aberdeen is something the Council and all of our partners strive for. That collaborative approach was at the heart of a really valuable event earlier this month.

The CPA Taking Stock session involved all key stakeholders and offered the chance to review the progress of the Partnership since the Local Outcome Improvement Plan  was first approved in 2016 and, importantly, to look forward to the realisation of long-term ambitions.

A video summarising the achievements and providing the context really helped to focus the minds on the day – highlighting some really powerful statistics and examples of community planning in action as the Council works with the Police, NHS, communities and a range of other valued partners to meet common goals.


There will always be challenges in this type of multi-agency initiative and the event was designed to consider those in the round.

With a wide range of data to bring into the mix, alongside professional judgement and insight from those we serve, there was a lot of energy in the room and positive actions flowing from the discussions.

What we can already see is that CPA is making an impact and helping to improve the lives of people of all ages throughout Aberdeen. There’s also evidence that more has to be done in relation to certain issues, which will be a focus for the teams involved across the agencies.

Everything from early intervention in relation to reducing crime to the support of community orchards and food growing schemes falls under what’s a very wide umbrella.

The aims of the Local Outcome Improvement Plan, which CPA collectively and the partners in their own fields are delivering on, are ambitious – but to make a real difference we have to set the bar high and hold ourselves to those standards.

People, Place, Economy and Technology are the key themes of the LOIP. We’re committed to delivering on behalf of young people, to ensure the best possible start in life, and to continue reducing the attainment gap. We’re determined to foster a sense of place in all of Aberdeen’s communities, enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to feel welcome, empowered and safe – with tackling food and fuel poverty clear priorities. Our focus on investment in economic development and digital infrastructure is also central.

It’s an incredibly complex picture that is being pieced together, but by working in partnership it begins to become far clearer far quicker.

The message I came away with as we took stock is that much has been achieved in a short period of time – but there’s lots of hard work ahead. Hard work we should all embrace given the prize of a better city for all.

Cllr Jenny Laing