New report to put Aberdeen’s economy under the microscope

Every green shoot of recovery in Aberdeen in the years since the oil and gas downturn hit hardest has been welcomed locally. The optimism that accompanies the city’s revival has replaced the pessimism that came with the sharp shock to the regional economy that has had a deep and lasting impact on the region.

With every challenge there come opportunities and this week marks a very important milestone as, for the first time in such detail, we get an independent perspective on Aberdeen’s economic health.

The launch of the Economic Policy Panel’s annual report, the centrepiece of the State of the Cities Conference being hosted by the Council on Friday (November 2), is eagerly awaited.

As we await the panel’s findings, our own work to plan for the future continues at pace and the conference will give an opportunity for the Council to outline progress to date in delivering the ambitions of the Regional Economic Strategy.

It will also provide a platform to look at what we as a city and as an organisation need in order to be able to build on the economic foundations we have set, with inclusive growth that benefits all at the heart of what we aim to achieve.

The conference promises to be a pivotal event as we plan for a prosperous future and we look forward to welcoming stakeholders from across the public, private and third sectors to contribute to the day’s programme. If you haven’t booked your place, there is still time to register.

As Co-Leaders it will be a pleasure to welcome fellow keynote speakers Dr Hanan Morsy and Douglas Peedle (both members of the Economic Policy Panel), Senator Lyndon Farnham (States of Jersey and Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture) and Chris Murray (Director of Core Cities UK).

There will be great opportunities for panel discussions and we anticipate lively debate about the report’s contents as well as the future plans for the city region economy.

The Council and the city have shown admirable resilience to come through the economic challenges presented in recent years, with great strides made and exciting opportunities in the pipeline. There is no room for complacency, however, and Friday’s conference will help showcase the innovation and positive action we view as essential to Aberdeen’s long-term success.

Cllr Douglas Lumsden and Cllr Jenny Laing

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