Celebrations as Aberdeen marks Care Day

26/11/14 Councillor jenny laing.

Cllr Jenny Laing

If you were to ask 10 individuals what they view as the priority for a Council you may well get 10 different answers.

Depending on the services you use day to day, your opinion will be different – whether roads, schools, cycle lanes, culture and events, digital infrastructure we all have issues that are close to our heart.

There is one thing that you would get agreement on though – that is as a Council we should be there to care for those who need our support.

Caring is a fundamental part of what we do as an organisation and on Friday we will take the opportunity to acknowledge the work being done across the city with our many partners and, most importantly, celebrate the achievements of our care experienced young people.

February 15 is Care Day 2019 and what started as a national initiative has been adopted in countries across the world.


The organisers, Who Cares? Scotland, want the day to be used to celebrate and champion the care experienced community – but also to inspire conversations about the lessons of the past and the ambitions for the future.

Care experienced young people have faced inequalities that are simply not acceptable in a modern and inclusive society. Great progress has been made in addressing the issues, but unfortunately there is a long road ahead if we’re to ensure every young person can prosper and receive the care, love and support they need and deserve.

As a Council we’re committed to working closely with partners, including in the public sector and third sector, to keep pushing forward in that respect.

Through Community Planning Aberdeen (CPA), our community planning partnership, there is a very clearly defined Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) setting out objectives that we’re striving to meet – and young people are at the heart of those aspirations for the city. As chair of CPA I’m greatly encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm of all of our partners.

Care Day is a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the good work that has already been done and to thank those who have dedicated themselves to that work. It’s also a perfect time to reflect on the crucial next steps and harness the energy that the date brings.

Most importantly of all it’s a day on which we’ll welcome many of our inspirational young people to the Town House to celebrate their own journey and to embrace the contribution the care experienced community makes to our city and our region.

Cllr Jenny Laing