Launch of Nuart Aberdeen brings colour to the streets of the silver city

Nuart Aberdeen is up and running for 2019 after today’s official launch – and already you can feel the buzz around the city.

Over the past two years the festival has won a special place in the hearts of residents and visitors, a real highlight of the year and it’s fantastic to see the city awash with colour again.

Everyone will have their favourite pieces and there are some really striking pieces being added to those that are already part of the fabric of Aberdeen. From the intricate Lego patchworks of Jan Vormann to the imposing work of Smug, whose work was the backdrop for the launch event this morning, there’s a real mix of styles and all make you stop in your tracks.


Today’s event marked the start of a packed four days of activity and there’s something for everyone on the 2019 programme, with Saturday’s public opening back at The Green a focal point for the weekend.

Whether you’re already a Nuart convert or are planning on experiencing it for the first time, you won’t be disappointed.

Aberdeen City Council has committed to £300,000 of investment over three years to support Aberdeen Inspired in delivering Nuart Aberdeen.

The economic case underpinning that spend revolves around the immediate advantages in terms of footfall and tourism revenue the festival brings and the ambitions for Aberdeen as a destination as well as the important cultural benefits for residents.

That’s the business case for Nuart Aberdeen – but the next four days are about celebrating the creativity, colour and vibrancy that it creates.

Whether it’s the statement pieces that you can’t miss or one you happen upon when you’re least expecting it, the beauty of the event is the way the city centre comes alive thanks to the incredible talents of the guest artists and the energy of everyone who turns out to see their work.

The growth of Nuart has been natural and incredibly positive, with such a great atmosphere surrounding the festival.

Like all of the events we have attracted to the city – the Great Aberdeen Run and the Tour Series to name just two that are rapidly approaching – it has shown that we are all ready to embrace new and exciting attractions.

It has been fantastic for all of us who live in Aberdeen to have these on our doorstep and brilliant to see more and more visitors experiencing everything the city has to offer.

Pictures courtesy of Louise Kendal / Nuart Aberdeen.

We speak so often about becoming a destination city – and we’re already well on the way to fulfilling that aim, particularly with The Event Complex Aberdeen and redeveloped Aberdeen Art Gallery openings to look forward to.

The hundreds of millions of pounds being invested in infrastructure and events will bring its own rewards to the regional economy, but the people of Aberdeen are just as valuable with the contribution to the success of the city. On behalf of the Council, can I say a huge thank you to everyone who has been so passionate and supportive as the city’s transformation gathers pace.

The 2019 festival promises to be as big and bold as we’ve come to expect and our appreciation goes to everyone who has played their part – from staff and volunteers to the artists who are making their mark on the city in so many different ways.  It’s a real team effort.

Cllr Jenny Laing