Monthly Archives: May 2020

Taking the first steps to recovery

Over the weekend, the city’s parks and recreational areas were busy with visitors, drawn by the good weather – and, of course, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. That people are again able to enjoy Aberdeen’s magnificent public spaces is a cause for celebration. To simply feel the sun on your face and be surrounded by […]
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Help the environment and the economy

Our last blog highlighted numbers that should give us heart amidst the COVID-19 pandemic – numbers describing the great wave of support being offered up by public and staff. As we adjust to a new way of living, there are other figures reshaping our world view. The International Energy Agency is predicting an 8% drop […]
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Reasons to be positive

This week Aberdeen City Council’s Urgent Business Committee will consider a report on the massive financial impact of COVID-19. The figures have been aired – a cost of anywhere between £28 million and £90m depending on what support we get from the Scottish Government. In June officers will bring forward options for how we might […]
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