Aberdeen to help build a better world 

Some weeks ago, we stressed the importance of making a green economic recovery from the COVID-19.

A healthy, prosperous world is what everyone wants and combating climate change must be a part of the global plan.

We are delighted, then, that Aberdeen has been recognised as the city to lead Scotland’s move to net zero emissions.

The Scottish Government’s new £62 million Energy Transition Fund will support businesses in the oil, gas and energy sectors over the next five years as they grow and diversify, helping leverage private sector investment.

Developing renewable energy technologies and greening oil and gas production will both reduce carbon emissions and bring new jobs.

Really, it’s no surprise that the City Region has been chosen as the national hub.

For more than 50 years we have harvested hydrocarbons from the North Sea, combining engineering and business brilliance to build one of the world’s great industries.

We have the talent, the assets, the connections, and now – at a time of trouble for the oil and gas sector – the necessary support from government to keep delivering.

And, of course, we have genuine leadership at a local level, offering a clear steer on where our city is headed and how the public and private sector might travel there together.

A commitment to combating climate change was the central theme of this year’s Council budget and we have since approved a Net Zero Vision and Strategic Infrastructure Plan for Energy Transition.

The groundwork is very much in place.

The Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub, for example, will capitalise on large-scale offshore wind resources, supply chain expertise, and hydrogen storage capability to build on the Council’s previous hydrogen transport investment.

Aberdeen is perfectly placed to drive the green recovery and put sustainable, inclusive growth at heart of energy production.

As a Council we will work with partners in the private and public sector to mitigate the risk of climate change, finding new ways to power our lives and our economy whilst protecting the environment.

Thanks to the foresight of this Council, we have projects primed to go. Thanks to the Local Outcome Improvement Plan, we are creating opportunities for all to prosper by tackling poverty and inequality.

Today entrepreneurship is not just about being the best in the world – but doing your best for the world.

COVID-19 update

Scotland has entered Phase 2 of its route map for easing lockdown restrictions.

As a Council we continue to reinstate services where we can whilst facilitating the safe resumption of business activity.

Details of our ongoing response to the route map be found here.