About the leader

Councillor Jenny Laing

Jenny Laing is co-leader of Aberdeen City Council. She was first elected in 2007 to the Midstocket and Rosemount ward, and was the Labour group spokesman for Transport and then Education while in opposition. As a member of the administration Jenny was appointed Convener of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee in 2012 a position she held until 2014.

In May 2014, she took over from her party colleague Barney Crockett as leader and continued in that position following the 2017 local government election. In August 2017 the role of co-leader was created, enabling Jenny and Cllr Douglas Lumsden to share the duties.

Jenny was born in Aberdeen, is married and has a grown-up son. She holds an honours degree on Economic History from Aberdeen University.

In the past, Jenny has been a Customs Officer at Aberdeen Airport and Dundee Port, a VAT Inspector and Compliance Officer with HM Customs and Excise throughout the north east, and a Business Education Support Officer throughout Scotland with HM Revenue and Customs.

26/11/14 Councillor jenny laing.